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Rajah and Tann LLP Singapore Lawyer Salary Information [Big 4 Law Firm]- updated June 2023

June 10, 2023

Rajah and Tann Singapore LLP, colloquially known as Rajah and Tann, is one of Singapore's Big 4 law firms. With a strong reputation for its Restructuring and Insolvency, Project Development and Insurance practices, it provides a competitive and attractive career path for aspiring legal professionals. In fact, across all levels, Rajah and Tann provides some of the most competitive compensation against the rest of the Big 4 law firms (WongPartnership, Allen and Gledhill, Drew and Napier). Let's explore the salary bands, work-life balance, and nature of work at Rajah and Tann.

Salary Bands

In our mission to contribute to industry transparency, we provide an overview of the salary structure at Rajah and Tann. We note that these numbers are sourced from online public forums and cross-checked across anonymous sources, and thus, may at times be inaccurate and will require constant revision.

  • Traineeship: As of June 2023, trainees earn $2,500 per month, which stands above the prevailing industry standard of $2,000. The information is yet to be publicly available on the trainee rates going forward in 2024 as traineeship periods extend to 1 year in length. It is important to note that, according to sources, the trainee pay has remained at $2,000 since around 2006 across the Big 4 Law Firms.
  • Legal Executive: We note that there is no interim legal executive period at Rajah and Tann, which is a notable difference compared to most other firms. Upon finishing the traineeship and being called to the Singapore Bar, lawyers move directly to the NQ (Newly Qualified) position.
  • NQ (Newly Qualified): Upon passing the Bar, it is said that lawyers receive a monthly salary of $7,000, which would be one of the highest among the Big 4 law firms.
  • 1PQE: In the subsequent year, the salary is said to see a modest rise to $7,800 per month, also the highest among the Big 4 law firms.
  • Every year following: Salary progression details following the first year are not publicly available. However, like most other law firms, each year, the monthly salary will likely increase by ~$1,000.

Front-Loaded Bonus

At this time, we lack clarity on whether Rajah and Tann include a front-loaded bonus in their salaries.

Front-loaded bonuses are where a portion of the final year bonus is factored into the monthly remuneration.

Consequently, if, for instance, your final year bonus amounts to $30,000, you may only receive $6,000 during the bonus period, as it is deemed that you have already received the remaining bonus through your monthly salaries.

This arrangement ensures that if you choose to leave the law firm before the bonus period, you will not be deprived of a lump sum. However, it also means that your actual salary is only 60-80% of the specified total compensation. Thus, when considering the hours worked and the significant opportunity cost incurred by lawyers, it can be challenging to ascertain whether this salary is truly competitive compared to other industries.

Nature of Work

At Rajah and Tann, the pace of work and the environment varies across departments. The firm is known for its robust practices in Restructuring and Insolvency and Project Development. Working here means navigating complex and high-profile transactions, which can be both challenging and exciting.

Despite its reputation for high-quality work, the firm maintains a relatively balanced approach towards work-life integration, although, like any law firm, the actual experience can vary depending on the department, team, and nature of the client's work. There may be times of intense workload and long hours, but these periods tend to be project-based and temporary.

The opportunity to work alongside some of the industry's brightest minds in complex legal scenarios provides a rewarding, albeit steep, learning experience for legal professionals at any stage of their careers. The firm's reputation and its high-profile clients mean that your work can have a significant impact, offering considerable potential for professional growth.


Rajah and Tann offers a competitive salary structure and a dynamic work environment, making it an attractive option for aspiring lawyers and legal professionals. Its strong reputation and involvement in high-profile cases provide opportunities for significant career advancement and professional growth.

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